Fresh'et International Limited began in 1993 and is now a leading distributor of Freshly Farmed Vegetables, Premium Frozen Meats and Refrigerated Exotic Seafood in Fiji. 

We source in from local farmers in Fiji and international buyers from Europe, Australia and New Zealand and distribute the highest quality of FRESH and FROZEN Goods to the major hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, government sectors, military, navy, police and all throughout Fiji.

We would like to introduce this quality service delivery to your home.

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We pioneered the short chain supply process, so you can experience fresh food at its finest. Food comes to us straight from the source and is delivered to your door at peak freshness in just a few days. That's less handling by middlemen and it puts more money in the bank for local farmers, skilled artisans, and responsible fishermen.

About Us


Serving The Nation of Fiji

In recent years, Fresh'et International Limited has grown to be one of the most respected re-distributors in Fiji. This has happened, in part, because we embrace a people-first way of doing things.

We began to implement programs aimed at developing a participatory culture at our company. Through perseverance, these innovative programs are helping us to foster a company of loyal, passionate employees with a true commitment to customers.

From warehouse workers to purchasing specialists to sales people, truck drivers, and administrative staff, we all believe the success of Fresh'et International Limited is directly linked to the success of our customers. We see you as our partners, and our goal is to earn your business with every delivery.


Fresh'et International Limited over the years has engaged in various activities such as providing food donations to St. Giles Hospital for the staff and patients to enjoy a lush meal during the festive seasons, as well as supply meat dust to the SPCA to assist and facilitate the recovery and capture of stray dogs.


Fresh'et International Limited has been a major sponsor of the Fiji Navy Rugby team for the last 15 years and has sponsored various teams such as Basketball Fiji, cricket clubs, local village volleyball clubs, etc.

We were introduced to Fresh'et International at a time when movement to supermarkets and markets were restricted. We have not stopped using them since. The quality of their meat, fish, fruits and vegetables are fresh, top range and great value for money. This combined with a team who are efficient and super friendly, is what makes Freshet International my preferred supplier for meat, fruits and vegetables. I have not stop recommending Fresh'et International to everyone. - Charlotte & Henry Steele

Charlotte & Henery Steele
Samabula, Suva

We travelled to Fiji last year, after seeing our family and friends we decided we would like to help them when we returned to Australia.That’s when I was told about Fresh’et International via Facebook.

I went onto their Facebook page, filled out the application, paid for the items and my family had their package within 2 days....AMAZING!!

Their products are of a very high standard, the payment method was simple and the delivery time was great.I would HIGHLY recommend Fresh’et International to anyone, this is a fantastic service for those wanting to help their family or friends in Fiji.We will definitely be using them again.

Thank you Fresh’et International.

Adrienne and James Rogers
Brisbane, Australia

Thank you so much. we are very impressed at your level of efficiency and will spread the word with our family and friends on this great service. We are indeed very very appreciative of your efforts! Hopefully next time we can do meat and veggie hamper too.


Teresia Katoinivualiku

Thank You so much Fresh’et. Excellent Service. Took me less than a minute to place an order online and got my goodies delivered not long after that.

Vina Va Levu

Katie Rounds Wojcik
Suva Fiji



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